Wordline Terminals

POS terminals designed and developed by Europe’s leading end-to-end acquirer

Customized ‘system-on-a-chip’ architecture to deliver fast, secure transactions

Outstanding quality of terminals is backed up through laboratory testing and ISO 9001:2008 certification, terminals are renowned for their long and trouble-free working life.

Worldline Adyton HSM

Advanced cryptographic accelerators for outstanding speed and security in PIN-generation, transaction processing, digital signature and data protection.

All critical operations are protected by a dual factor authentication using who you are (fingerprint), what you have (chip-card) and what you know (password).

Worldline HSMs offer the best performances in terms of speed and security and are compliant with all the major international standards.

PowaPOS T25

The smallest, most elegant POS system available, PowaPOS T25 is a small revolution.

The ultimate solution for retailers large and small.

simple turnkey tablet solution that can incorporate all POS peripherals and applications.

Loyalty Programs

Card-based and Application-based loyalty programs designed and developed to suit your business needs

Capture customer data for analytics and targeted marketing efforts

Reward and retain your customers

Cards – Prepaid and Gift

Create additional revenue streams with customised cards

Capture new customers through gift cards

Displace cash and credit cards, enjoy the cash-flow benefits of float and breakage

Digital Retail Channels

Expand reach and sales outside of brick-and-mortar locations

Convert advertising platforms into sales platforms

Create offers with iBeacons, digital offers, and real-time incentives

World class products and solutions.

Customised to meet your business needs.

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